Law office lawyer Kosta D. Lazic

We are a respected and successful law firm located in the city center of Belgrade (Serbia). We have represented our customers' interests in court, in arbitration, in private foundations, in transactions, and in all other areas of corporate law for more than ten years.

During that time, we have represented the best interests of our clients in all aspects of corporate law, including transactions, litigation, arbitration, private foundations, and administrative law.

Our law office works hard to attract international companies that want to grow their business in Serbia by giving them the best legal logistics to protect their business and investments.

Our services are based on expertise, reliability, and success. They are efficiently provided in Russian, English, and Serbian. To meet our client’s needs and avoid wasting time, we maintain constant communication with them. At the same time, the relationship between client and attorney is characterized by trust and the strictest confidentiality. Our goal is to earn your confidence in all of your legal matters.


For more than 10 years, we have been helping foreign companies and clients from around the world to establish companies and/or Serbian branches of their own companies here.

We offer a full range of services, from starting a business to providing a virtual office registration service, business transfers, and joint ventures.

Our services include:

  • Company or branch registration
  • Registration and Administrative Services Office
  • Providing support to corporate structures
  • Employment law, including contracts governing directors' rights and obligations
  • Employment contracts

One of the areas of activity of the law office is the registration of firms (legal entities) in Serbia, as well as the purchase of ready-made firms and the opening of bank accounts. Term of incorporation and registration of companies: 3 working days.

As an advantage, it is also the fact that all actions are explained in competent Russian.

The incorporation and registration of a company start with the preparation of the relevant articles of association of the company and may include the disclosure of the company's account, the organization of a legal address, and accounting support.

The procedure for registering a limited liability company (Serb.: "DOO"):

  • The preparatory stage of registration is choosing your future company's name in Serbia (it is required to check among existing companies).
  • Determining the value of the company's authorized capital: The minimum possible authorized capital is 1 euro.
  • Determination of the composition of the founders and the amount of each of their contributions to the company's authorized capital.
  • Preparation of powers of attorney from the founders of the company (if the founders will not be present in Serbia at the certification of the memorandum of association). A power of attorney can be certified in Russia by a notary. In Serbia, a judicial translation of such a power of attorney into Serbian is carried out.
  • Selection of an executive director (they can be a citizen of Serbia or a foreigner). We are determining the legal address of the company. If necessary, we can provide a legal address.
  • Determination of the main activity of the company and other activities. Preparation of a draft memorandum of association for the company. On the day of the receipt of the decision on registration, the seal of the company is made. In the future, a company account is opened in a bank, after which the company is registered with the tax authority and is also registered as a VAT payer. To register a company in Serbia, you need a foreign passport of the founders, a power of attorney, or the personal presence of the founder/founders.
  • In practice, it is possible to register a legal entity and open bank accounts in the presence of notarized credentials (without the presence of the founders in Serbia).
  • As a new service, we offer the opening of a branch of a Serbian company in Switzerland—in this way, the company's owner will be able to have accounts in Swiss banks legally.

We offer our clients a comprehensive consultation on mergers or acquisitions, enabling them to optimize their business. Over the years, we have been the founders, advisors, and representatives of some of the largest companies in the Republic of Serbia.

We address a wide range of business concerns for our clients. Because we think it's important to understand our client’s needs to give good advice, we stay current on legal issues and business and strategic ones.

Our services include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Funding a project
  • Contract negotiations and contract drafting
  • Due Diligence Reports (Antitrust, Financial and Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, IT, Human Resources, Real Estate, Environmental Law, and All Corporate and Business Law Matters)
  • Strategic restructuring, mergers, and divisions

These laws address general legal issues and include fundamental aspects of daily life and commerce. Consequently, we assist clients with civil and criminal law matters. We offer comprehensive contract and contract recommendations.

Our services include representation in the execution of contractual claims, claims for damages or interference with possession, and protection of inherited rights.

Our services include:

  • Contract law
  • Heritage
  • Legal obligations
  • Property and purchase security

We provide our clients with a comprehensive consultation on all aspects of real estate law. Our company works with private investors and companies that do business inside and outside the country. We also advise on transactions that take place across borders.

Our services include:

  • Recognition of foreign judgments and other judicial and administrative decisions
  • Collection of all receivables
  • Representation before courts and public prosecutor's offices of all jurisdictions in the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Drafting purchase and lease agreement
  • Legal structuring of real estate transactions
  • Buying and selling real estate
  • Portfolio sale and privatization
  • Determining ownership of a real estate